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Flat Roof Replacement Experience Is Essential In Baltimore, MD

Flat Roofs are all over the Baltimore area. Baltimore City row homes have flat roofs and so too do most commercial buildings throughout the city and region. As a result, we routinely replace flat roofs and apply flat roof coatings for homeowners and business owners all around the beltway.

Our roofing crews are experts in dealing with the subtleties of flat roofs (aka low sloped roofs). No matter what obstacles and inconveniences are in the way, our crew knows how to get roofs to drain efficiently. We’re capable of regrading the pitch of a roof, and installing top of the line GAF roofing systems to provide a watertight barrier.

Many companies don’t like to work on flat roofs. They’re often difficult and prone to problems — when not done correctly. Our willingness to tackle flat roofs and our commitment to completing a quality installation has made us one of the premiere flat roof replacement contractors in Maryland. But don’t just take our word for it! We’re proud to boast our standing as GAF Master Commercial and Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractors.

Charm City Roofing Anglie's List Super Service Award 2020
GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractor
GAF Master Elite Residential Roofing Contractor Award

A Flat Roof Replacement Process You Can Trust

Roof “Tear Off”

Properly installing a new flat roof requires the removal of existing roof layers and underlayment. We refer to the process of removing the old roofing materials as a roof “tear off”. Prior to beginning the tear off, our crew surrounds the residence or commercial building with tarps. The tarps catch any falling debris from the roof and prevent unnecessary mess. Once the tarps are in place the crews begin removing the old rubberoid membrane.

The removal of the rubberoid membrane reveals the old weather barrier that covers the roof insulation. The weather barrier is also pulled up and lowered to the tarps. The crew then inspects the insulation and roof decking. If the insulation and wood covering are free of water damage and rot the installation will begin. However, if we uncover rot or water damage, we quickly remove and replace the affected insulation or section of roof decking.

New Flat Roof Installation

We begin the installation by covering the insulation and roof decking with a high-performance waterproof underlayment. This barrier prevents moisture from getting into the insulation and resting on the roof decking if water were to seep through the outer rubberoid torch down layer.

Next, we nail or screw down the underlayment and insulation to the roof decking. Afterward, we secure the perimeter of the roof from moisture by installing drip edge around the edges of the roof. This layer sits on top of the underlayment layer to complete the initial weatherproofing.

Similarly, we roll out the torch down outer layer to cover the underlayment and drip edge. Once torched down and sealed, this membrane protects the entire structure. Lastly, we set, caulk, and flash or seal all roofing fixtures such as drains, skylights, and chimneys. Your roof is now completely sealed from the elements.

Roof Debris Clean Up

Once the new roof is completely installed, the crew cleans up any debris that fell from the roof during the process. Magnetized wands will be used to find any metallic objects that weren’t caught within the tarps and remove them from the yard. All debris will be loaded into a dump truck and removed from the property.

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